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Meet Sam


Sam's first introduction into the culinary world came through a job as a kitchen porter at the age of 14. Chef roles in pubs and restaurants followed, including prestigious Michelin establishments like Murano under the guidance of Angela Hartnett. Sam absolutely loved the energy and the focus of the kitchen. 


In 2008, a new chapter unfolded when Sam moved into the world of workplace dining, joining BaxterStorey as a Hospitality Chef at Marks & Spencer’s Head Office in London. He quickly climbed the professional ladder with determination, navigating his way to the position of Regional Director of BaxterStorey in just 12 years. As Regional Director, Sam oversaw a substantial business portfolio worth over £35 million, managing prominent clients such as Amazon, Red Bull and THFC. It’s fair to say Sam knows every detail of hospitality and catering, and it is always handy to know he can nip into the kitchen and rustle up a feast when required!

Sam’s childhood food memory is... 

Fresh caught Mackerel on the BBQ at my uncles house in Wales – we caught the fish that morning. 

Sam Tate - Director

Did you know...

Fun facts about Sam 



  • Sam’s favourite TV show is currently Yellowstone... all time it’s a toss-up between the A-Team or Knight Rider…

  • Sam’s most-prized possession is a recent purchase - in a world where everyone is buying air fryers... he bought a deep fat fryer! Mainly due to receiving the new Wingman’s recipe book as a gift! 

  • Sam’s favourite movie is  Top Gun – Maverick – Because it was even better than the first one! And if you have seen it you don’t have to ask!

  • Sam’s favourite book is anything by Tom Clancy

  • Sam cannot live without iTunes, Spotify & Sound Cloud – No Music – No Sam! The music is always on in the Tate house hold (and our Base Camp!)

  • Sam’s most favourite dish is pretty much anything that someone else has cooked…or Italian pizza from his local pizzeria washed down with a cold Poretti!      

  • Sam’s childhood food memory is fresh caught Mackerel on the BBQ at my uncles house in Wales – we caught the fish...

  • Sam’s least favourite dish is his mum's cooking... She won’t read this though, right?

  • Sam is terrible at - fairground rides or theme park rides with the kids- he would rather stay with the bags and coats!

  • Sam loves anything he can DIY, his herb garden - mainly the mint for homemade Mojitos

  • Sam’s favourite dish to make for friends is either a Rib of Beef roast for the family in Winter or a BBQ with family in the Summer – Food is for sharing with family and friends!

Did you know…



  • Something Sam can’t do. 
    Play football…… Some would also add golf to this, but he has not given up on that one yet!

  • Sam's best known dish among his friends is... Buffalo chicken wings with homemade blue cheese dip and truffle fries… Hence the new fryer purchase!

  • Sam’s hidden talent  is that he can DJ…. Adequately 

  • Sam can speak intermediate French and Polish!

  • Sam travelled to India to complete a World Challenge experience. He was there a month and truly believed this helped shaped the person he is today. Nowadays he get his kicks from numerous charity bike rides, Brighton, Amsterdam, Paris and the Normandy beaches to name a few...

  • If I wasn’t doing this, I would be on a Ranch in Montana…

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